These Windows

I’m all done with my classes. Today was a short day. It started around 9:30 am and ended at about 1 ish, and so now I find myself drawn to these windows. After being racked in the head with the sophistication of this world, here I am, being pulled to sit and stare out these windows of Barnes & Nobles. Sitting in this chair, that I grabbed from a friendly fellow’s table earlier, after politely asking of course, I silently began to take it all in. “It’s something about these windows…” I thought to myself. These long, huge, clear screens gave me access and quite a bit of perspective. “I got the best seat in the house” humoring myself . No, seriously. This is reality TV at it’s finest. This is the REAL world. Unscripted, but beautifully written.

Will you Listen?

Stepping into who I am, once I discovered it and once I had finally believed it, became quite intimidating. Every now and then fear creeps up on my shoulders, but I quickly shake it off. Why? Because of the message that I’m so compelled to tell to the entire world, this awesome life giving relationship, that I so deeply relish in, with this invisible God. But see that’s the thing, He’s really not as invisible as many seem to believe and crudely mock at. He’s everywhere. Call me crazy, but every time I turn my head, I see Him, His inscription, carved skillfully in this reality, my reality, called “Earth.” This signature I grew to realize and passionately believe, a constant reminder to me, quietly whispering “Centra, I…AM…PRESENT.”

God. His Presence is continuous. It is readily captured in the earth. Every time you take a breath, spark a conversation with a stranger on the streets, take a leisure yet thoughtful walk in the park, bite into a delicious slice of pizza, hear the sounds of laughter or see our furry little friends having such a good time… is proof enough that we are surrounded by His PRESENCE. Creation herself is speaking. She’s telling her story loudly and proudly. From the trees, to the rustling of the wind, to our very own heartbeat beating from within, her, Creation’s voice is audibly heard, but “who” on the other end is listening?

Life, Earth-life I mean, can so subtly become a rush. A consuming and intoxicating RUSH. Busy, Busy, Busy…is the constant rhythm of our every waking moment of the day; bombarded by the ideas and images of society that quickly and deceivingly assimilate the world into being. That we so unconsciously portray. Conformity. We have been socialized to think, act, and breathed. Yes, BREATHED! Shaped, molded, and formed, by mere human’s thoughts is the defining feature of our day-to-day walk. And whether or not we choose to admit it…we are falling apart! The darkness and chaos that we presently experience is only a mere reflection of the pitch black darkness housed in our souls. Yes I’m being BOLD! Because I use to walk to that same rhythm…busy. Busy doing and not being, well too busy being what another person, or television programming, song, fashion trend, impressed on my mind to box me in. Yea, I was once lost in that rhythm until I begin to really “hear,” that audible voice of creation speaking. And behind the voice of creation telling her story, I heard Him. God. That’s when I began to SEE…the TRUTH. That’s when I Truly grew to BE. And His voice spoke…. Love.

So this is where I begin…through my words…an up and coming voice… in this wilderness called EARTH, in the face of the RUSH, DARKNESS, and CHAOS…blaring my trumpet…blaring the message of… Love.

Will you listen?